Happy, Sad, Grumpy and Scared

In the span of minutes little ones can experience lots of different emotions. And sometimes that can be hard on both child and caregiver. So what’s the best way to deal with anger, fear and frustration. Continue reading


“Do Something Grand”

Sunday, September 9, is Grandparents Day and grandparentsday.org says “do something grand.” There are so many cute ideas to celebrate with another generation. And, guess what, it’s good for their health. Sharing care duties, playing, reading, socializing and laughing are key components to living healthy life. Continue reading

Why Fine Motor Skills Are Important

What exactly are fine motor skills anyway? It’s the ability to use the smaller muscles in fingers, hands and wrists. Fine motor development is an important skill for kids. In a recent article on ABC Radio Melbourne teachers expressed concern for the iPad generation and their readiness to write.  They believe there is a decline in fine motor skills because kids aren’t holding crayons and coloring or using scissors to cut as much as they had in the past.  Continue reading