No Storytime! No Problem!

We are on a story time “break” until Monday, January 4, 2016.  In anticipation of this break I put together “Story Time To Go” kits.  Stop in the Youth Picture Book area and pick up a bundle of books which includes a rhyme or song.  We have a variety of themes to choose from including Polar Bears, Fairy Tales, Snow, the Moon and more!


Enjoy this time with family and friends.  See you next year!

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Stop, Go. Yes, No.

Our story time theme this week is opposites.  Deciphering similarities and differences is an essential early literacy skill.  Understanding the difference between big and small, tall and short, and cold and hot introduces children to concepts, ideas and vocabulary that will help them see differences in letters when learning to read.

The best way for children to understand that some things are different and some are the same is by showing them.  Build a tower with blocks or cereal boxes and show them the difference between tall and small.  Sensory exploration is a useful tool as well.  Have them touch something soft such as a blanket and something firm such as a plastic toy.  Nod your head for yes and shake your head for no.

Watch this little one say no.

This weeks handouts: BT Dec 7 Opposites  TotTime Dec 7 opposites

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See you soon!

Little Matisses

Is your child too young to do anything more than scribble?  Did you know that scribbling leads to writing letters later on?  There are many benefits to exposing little ones to art and crafts.  Holding crayons, using a glue stick and even cutting helps to develop fine motor skills and muscle development.   Creating and designing art also improves visual and spatial skills, useful when learning math.  Participating in art activities and talking about art also exposes children to meaningful vocabulary.  Asking kids about their artwork such as what they like best about it or how you like the color they used helps them develop self awareness and self esteem.

Once a month we offer a craft program at the library called Kiddie Craft for children ages 18 months to 4 years where they can glue, cut, tape, color or paint.  We have a sample of the craft for the kids to make but there is never a right or wrong way to do the craft projects.  Let your child’s imagination lead to a creation all their own.

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This week’s story time handouts:  BT Nov 30 PetsTotTime Nov 30 Pets

See you next week!