Musical Story Time

Babies and Tots can sit still for only a small amount of time so reading a lot of books during story time does not work well.  Therefore, I play a lot of music in my story time.  Music captures their attention and has a calming effect and also plays a key role in baby’s brain development.  Singing breaks up words into smaller sounds and helps babies and toddlers with language development.  Sing to your babies–they already love the sound of your voice.  Young children love the patterns and rhythms of music and quickly learn to recognize melodies strengthening musical pathways in the brain. Holding and shaking a shaker to the beat of music develops motor skills. The shaker eggs are favorite in story time.  Today we made shakers to take home.  You can do it too.  Place a small amount of rice in a folded paper plate and tape closed.  Add a few streamers or color with crayons and start the music.

Watch how music calms this crying baby.

Music triggers an emotional response from this baby.

For more information on this topic read Building Baby’s Brain: The Role of Music

This week’s handouts:  BT Jan 11 Music  TotTime Jan 11 Music

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