Dress Up!

Kids love to play dress up. That’s probably why Halloween is such a popular time of the year (yes, and the candy). Did you know this kind of pretend play is important for children’s development?  Continue reading


Diaper Changing!

Is it diaper changing time…again? Baby is on their back and looking up at you. Now what? Talk and sing! Diaper changing is the perfect opportunity for emotional bonding with your baby while you work on the early literacy practices of talking and singing! Continue reading

Verbalizing Emotions

It seems that everyone is in full Halloween mode this time of year. With ghosts and goblins in the grocery stores and witches and mummies in schools and other public areas, toddlers see the fun building all around them.  As much as they would like to participate in the festivities, not all little ones are ready or prepared for this kind of Halloween fun. Continue reading