It’s All About the Bears

Why didn’t the teddy bear eat his lunch? (Because he was stuffed!)

Bears are a story time favorite.  The name Teddy Bear comes from a historically significant event in American History over a century ago and the popularity of our furry friends continues.  Look for our picture book display featuring Bears next to Youth Media and check out a beary good book to share.

Stuffed bears, as well as all other stuffed friends, or even blankets, are a great tool for babies and toddlers to use to develop a sense of security, help with going to sleep and ease separation anxiety.  If  your child does not have a favorite “lovey” yet choose one and use it in everyday routines to help build a connection between the child and the lovey.

Need more information about transitions, bedtimes, or child rearing questions visit the National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families website Zero to Three for loads of great resources.

See you in the Story Time Room.

This week’s handouts: BT Sept_28_2015_Bears / TotTime_Sept_28_2015_Bears

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Please and Thank You.

Each year the Library of Michigan presents a program called Michigan Reads!  This early literacy program highlights the importance of reading and the value of sharing books.  The 2015 Michigan Reads! One State, One Children’s Book Program title is Do Unto Otters by Laurie Keller. The book explains how to be a good friend and neighbor.  Mr. Rabbit finds out his new neighbors are Otters. OTTERS! But he doesn’t know anything about Otters. Will they get along? Will they be friends? Just treat otters the same way you’d like them to treat you, advises wise Mr. Owl. And so begins Mr. Rabbit’s reflection on good manners.

The book is available for checkout or you can watch the  Do Unto Otters movie on BookFlix through BookFlix is a literacy resource that pairs fictional video story books with non-fiction books. Look for it in the Kids portal on the Storytime page.  Choose Family & Community on the BookFlix page to find the movie.

To help promote the program our story time theme this week is manners.  It’s never too early to start using please and thank you around the little ones.  Using American Sign Language is a great beginning for non-verbal babies and tots.  See this week’s handouts for instructions.

Here is a cute video of a toddler teaching manners…Say excuse me buffalo!

Read to your children often and they will learn to enjoy reading on their own.  Watch this video of a toddler “reading.”

See you in the Story Time Room!

This week’s handouts: BT_Sept_21_2015 / TotTime_Sept_21_Manners

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Let’s Play!

Monday Baby Time and Tot Time fall sessions have started up again.  So happy to see all those beautiful faces in the story time room.  In addition to the stories, rhymes, bounces and music, Baby Time always includes 15 minutes of play time  following story time.  Play is important for language development, refining motor skills and providing background knowledge related to everyday activities.  Pretending to talk on the phone, making animal sounds, and chugging a choo choo train develop these skills.  And play time is a great way for care givers to connect and socialize with each other.  Because these activities are an important component of early literacy, play time has been added to the Monday session of Tot Time immediately following story time.

Play with your child everyday and see how quickly they learn and develop.  Play does not need to involve costly toys.  Re-using simple household items like a coffee can and ribbon creates a fun toy that little fingers can use to practice grasping.  This helps to develop the muscles used for writing later on.  Look for instructions on The Imagination Tree.  It is easy and fun to play with your child. Look how much fun this father and baby are having playing in the rain in this video by  Don Swift.

See you next week.

Copies of this week’s handouts:  BT_Sept_14_Sleepytime / TotTime_Sept_14_Bedtime

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