Kathryn’s Media Moments: Story Time 2.0 with the Novel Effect App

We live in an amazing age of technology with new and exciting digital resources to discover.  In order to help parents and caregivers, I share the best of what I find each week in Story Time.  Last month, for our Bedtime Story Time Media Moment, I shared an innovative new app with our classes.  It’s called Novel Effect .  Continue reading


Let’s Dance!

Many young children can have a hard time just sitting and listening for 30 minutes at story time–it’s a lot to ask of their little bodies and brains.  That’s why we love to incorporate music and movement in all of our story times!

This approach is called Continue reading

Verbalizing Emotions

It seems that everyone is in full Halloween mode this time of year. With ghosts and goblins in the grocery stores and witches and mummies in schools and other public areas, toddlers see the fun building all around them.  As much as they would like to participate in the festivities, not all little ones are ready or prepared for this kind of Halloween fun. Continue reading