Happy, Sad, Grumpy and Scared

In the span of minutes little ones can experience lots of different emotions. And sometimes that can be hard on both child and caregiver. So what’s the best way to deal with anger, fear and frustration. Motherly has an age by age guide for helping children (and caregivers) deal with their emotions.

Emotions was a recent theme in story time and we talked about the many feelings that little ones experience. Fortunately, there are lots of great picture books that address all of the emotions kids go through. Zero to Three has a nice list for babies and toddlers. Books are a great tool to use to start a conversation about how kids are feeling and help them recognize their feelings.  Fear may be a common feeling especially with small children. Zero to Three also offers strategies for dealing with common fears that kids have.

HappyHippoAnger and frustration are other strong emotions that kids have a hard time dealing with. Self-Sufficient Kids has a great list of books that can help kids understand why they are angry.

Creative Child discusses the need for “emotional rest.” Children are not always capable of handling their emotions and that’s when they need the adult in their life to offer support.

I hope everyone finds some useful tips to help with the grumpy, sad and scared.

See you in the Story Time Room.

Miss Kathleen


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