Bedtime Stories

Reading to your child is the best way to foster a love a reading.  Reading a bedtime story to your child is a great place to start.  Many parents, however, do not read bedtime stories.  A study conducted by TomTom noted that one third of parents never read a bedtime story to their kids.  Parents cited working late and long commutes as the prime reasons they don’t read bedtime stories. Continue reading


How Cute is This?

Our fabulous Library Science Intern Emily put together a fabulous picture book display called “Play Date with a Book.”  Picture books are wrapped in colorful paper with cute decorations and a clue on the front hinting what the book is about.  Drop in a have a play date with a special book.


Next week begins story time break.  Story time will begin again on February 22.  See you in the Story Time Room.

This week’s handouts: BT Feb 1 HugsTotTime Feb 1 Hugs Kisses

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