Happy Thanksgiving!

There are no story time sessions this week.  Need something to do?  Check out the following websites for fun and easy crafts to do with the kids.

All Kids Network has great Thanksgiving Crafts for kids and Coloring Pages for kids.

Over on the Crafty Crow A Children’s Art Collective they have compiled some beautiful crafts for the season.

Enjoy this time with family and friends.  See you next week in the Story Time Room.

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Don’t Be Silly!

Wait, DO be silly.  Being silly is pretty much what I do on a weekly basis using funny voices when I read, making silly faces, and hopping, jumping and dancing. Turns out being silly is good for us.  An article on PBS Parents states that kids with a sense of humor score higher in tests of intelligence and creativity.  Telling jokes is a great literacy tool because understanding jokes requires a mastery of language. Laughter releases endorphin, the happy hormone, relieves tension and boosts the immune system.  So next time you want your child to stop being silly just join in on the silliness.  It’s good for both of you.

Don’t know how to be silly?  Here are few book titles to help you out.

Boing by Nich Bruel
The Silly Book by Babatte Cole
Wiggle! by Doreen Cronin
Moo by David LaRochelle
Cows Can’t Fly by David Milgrim
Hippo Goes Bananas by Marjorie Dennis Murray
When Dads Don’t Grow Up by Marjorie Blain Parker
Rhyming Dust Bunnies by Jan Thomas
Hop, Hop, Jump! by Lauren Thompson

For more silliness watch this. Physical comedy is the best!

This weeks handouts:  BT Nov 16 SillyTotTime Nov 16 Silly

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Story Time in the Library

The popularity of library story time has been in the news a lot lately.  The New York Times wrote an article recently about the long lines waiting to get into story time at New York city libraries.  We can certainly relate.  Our story times here at the Novi Public Library are just as popular and are often “sold out.”  It’s a nice problem to have.  We are happy that we are able to provide nine story time sessions each week for a variety of ages.  Story time helps children develop language and social skills, introduces new concepts, and most of all, fosters a love of reading. And music!  Watch this little guy dance to Jazzy Ash, one of my favorite children’s music artists.

So get here early so you don’t miss out.  And if the room is full, don’t worry, you can catch the next one.

This week’s handouts: BT Nov 9 LibraryTotTime Nov 9 Library

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Picture Books are my Favorite

As a librarian I am often asked what I’m reading.  My answer is always “picture books.”  November is Picture Book Month–a great opportunity to celebrate the wonder of picture books.  The benefits of reading picture books are many.  Picture books help children understand the world around them, make kids better readers, and help foster a connection between adult and child.  Authors of picture books are able to use more complex language because the illustrations help tell the story. Pictures or illustrations complement the text and help children gain a greater understanding. Many picture books are considered works of art and are just plain fun.

Case in point–watch this toddler “read” his favorite book.

Looking for something new to read with your child?  Our new picture books are displayed on top of the picture book shelves.  There is also a themed display of picture books on the shelves facing youth media.  For more ideas School Library Journal created a list of their top 100 list.  SLJ_Fuse8_Top100_Picture

This weeks handouts: BT Nov 2 ColorsTotTime Nov 2 Colors

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See you soon!