“Do Something Grand”

Sunday, September 9, is Grandparents Day and grandparentsday.org says “do something grand.” There are so many cute ideas to celebrate with another generation. And, guess what, it’s good for their health. Sharing care duties, playing, reading, socializing and laughing are key components to living healthy life.

Simplemost tells us seniors that engage with younger generations are less likely to develop age related diseases. Keeping up with little ones is a great workout and fun too! Zero to Three has some great articles about grandparents and grandchildren. How to nurture relationships beginning at birth, sharing family traditions and, taking on some of the care duties (hey, parents need a break now and then, right?)

How to

Of course, I think the perfect activity to do together is to spend a little time reading. There are some great picture books that are perfect for sharing.  The Spruce has a fabulous list of books and most can be found right on our Library shelves. Scholastic has a list for toddlers that are sure to make them giggle.

Looking forward to a new session of story time! See you in the Story Time Room!

Miss Kathleen