Read, Sing, Talk and Play

What can parents and caregivers do to prepare kids to be successful in school?  Read! Everyday!  And talk, and sing, and play.  All of these promote learning and literacy.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children describes how babies learn when we talk and sing to them.  And how they learn through play.  And, of course, read to them.

Library Story time incorporates all of these components.  That’s a great place to start. Then grab some books to take home and read to your child everyday.  You are your child’s first teacher.

Also, over on Munchkins and Moms find great advice for promoting early literacy at home.

This week’s handouts:  BT Mar_21_HorsesTotTime March_21 Horses

Schedule of Events

Reminder:  story time break begins the week of March 28th.  Story time resumes the week of April 11th.  See you in the Story Time Room.

Shape Up

Recognizing shapes is an important early literacy skill.  Letters are made up of various shapes, therefore, recognizing different shapes will help your child learn to identify letters as they are beginning to read.  Learning shapes also introduces the concepts of “same” and “different,” important tools that are used to describe objects.

Shapes, of course, are all around us.  As you go about your day point out shapes to your child. For instance, a plate is round like a circle, a book is a square or a rectangle.  Point out the octagon shape of a stop sign when you are driving. Count the sides of shapes to help show the differences between the shapes. The key is to keep it fun, integrating learning into everyday activities and play.

I found some great ideas to learn shapes while playing with your child.  Try the “shape jump.” For an outdoor activity use sidewalk chalk and draw various shapes.  Call out the shapes and have kids jump from shape to shape.  Or play shape hopscotch.  The same thing can be done indoors using painters tape on the floor to create shapes.  You can also cut out shapes from construction paper and have the kids match the shape they are holding to the shape on the floor.  There is a cute make and play shape dice on  Pink Stripey Socks blog that would be a easy and fun activity as well.

There are lots of books about shapes too.  Stop in the library and take a look in our Picture Book Subject binder to find books about shapes.

This week’s handouts: BT March 7 Shapes, TotTime March 7 Shapes

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See you in the the Story Time Room.